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Two Portuguese girls visiting Izapa archaeological site and coffee plantations in Mexico

Visit Izapa Archaeological Site
and Coffee Plantations in Mexico

Marta and Mariana visite the Izapa Archaeological Site in Tuxtla Chico, Chiapas, Mexico. They are two girls from Leiria, a small town in the center of Portugal. They have been traveling together through Mexico since the beginning of November. “Loucura!” (craziness), their Portuguese friends told them. Yes, it has been a loucura, but they have been in amazing places meeting “pessoas lindas” (beautiful people).

They loved Izapa archaeological site in Tuxtla Chico, Chiapas. Alex, o guia (the guide), showed them how magical the pyramids are as well as its economical importance, near the Tacaná volcano. They even did some yoga on top of the pyramid!

“F” Section at Izapa Archaeological Site

They know they will still live more amazing stories, and they will never forget all of the wonderfull hospitality the Mexicans have shown them.

Vamos ter de voltar!” (we will have to come back).
Obrigado, México

-Marta and Mariana

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Written by Winqen

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